1. Tell Me


Tell Me - Lomez Brown
Verse 1
Can you tell me if this situations over
Are you romantic with another
I won’t be mad at you
I won’t be mad at you
Kz my Instincts are telling me your far too gone
My heart is telling me your movin on
Can yah tell me if it’s real right now .


If you...
are In love with another
Please tell me
Baby Please tell me

If you....are in lust with another
Don’t play me
Baby please tell me

Verse 2
See Everything ...every string
every way ...every sway
Every look ...every word you speak
Spiritual womans what i want
The Flavor that I need ...
Somebody riddin shot gun for me
Kz im here ..And I’m waiting for an answer
I don’t wna waste no time
Lady can you give me a sign



All these feelings are much too strong
But I don’t know ...what’s goin onnnnnnn
Please tell me
Baby won’t you tell ......me.......

Key change