1. Sweet Lover

a summer time jam to sing and dance too :) enjoy the good vibes !! Catch the track for yourself on ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY, AMAZON, SPOTIFY! yesah


Girl I been up and down, tryna find my way
Failing relationships, seem to be my thing
now im giving up, I dont wana try
Koz every woman, be playing with my mind

Tell me mami why are you so mysterious
Oh so different, beautiful, so innocent
straight up, you be my flavour baby
being real, pretty women just dont phase me

Sweet lover, Oh wont you give me a chance tonight
Falling in love, with you girl I just cant deny
Sweet lover, wont you give me a chance tonight
Falling in love, Falling in love

Ragga - Well ya see now 1, 1n1 is 2
2, just like me and you
3 watch me carefully, (see me eyes now)

Oooo oooo, I hope you feelin me, tell me that im right
koz I dont wana be a lonely man tonight
your personality, so dam sophisticated
But I can match you girl, Just let me demonstrate it
See I like a woman who be strong, (so independent)
Someone who knows just what she wants , (and she educated)
girl take a second, take a minute, take your time
kos Ive been waitin all my life to make you mine..


break down

Well yah see now 1, 1 n 1 is 2, Just like me and you, 3, watch me carefully, aint nobody else do it like me
I been tryna write it up can you harmonize my song,
woah so much dramas in my life I cant go on..soooo

can you tame my soul, can you tame my heart?
me dont wana girl fuss n a fight n
me just wna fresh start ..aww
girl look into my life can you see yah self beside me?
Or is this just another sweet lover fantasy?